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Joseph Sant dreams pop in "Sea White Salt" EP

The ever expanding universe that is Brooklyn’s dreampop scene seemingly knows no bounds. While numerous bands explore that style’s noisier side, the recently released debut EP “Sea White Salt” by Joseph Sant (a "Honorable Mention" in our recent Best of NYC Psych Open Submission results) takes a more introspective approach. Although a prominent drum track initially propels featured single cut “Nor’easter” along, the emergence of soft surf-rock guitar lines and whisper-sung vocals establish an unmistakable ambient mindset. Textured guitar melodies appear within the tracks instrumental second minute, creating the sonic equivalent of swelling wind and ocean. A denser, layered crescendo explodes just after the 2:00 minute mark, and you get the sense that the storm has now peaked. The feeling is poetic without actually being able to pinpoint any clearly defined storyline. In fact, only at the very end when the instruments go quiet can you make out the lyric “all that I hated and struck at – lost its hold over me.” While readily acknowledging Beach Fossils and Wild Nothing as initial developers of this sound, emerging bands like Lazyeyes and now Joseph Sant continue its forward progression. - Dave Cromwell


New Dulls EP Available For Streaming & Purchase

Thaw out this morning with the shadowy searing shoegazing of Dulls. The quartet’s new self-titled EP scorches through the snow with a measure of controlled hostility.  Let it rip as you ease into the week.


Los Angeles Open Submission Results for The Deli's Year End Poll 2015 for Emerging Artists

Thanks to all the artists who submitted their music to be considered for The Deli's Best of Los Angeles Year End Poll for Emerging Artists.

After tallying our editors' ratings for the Open Submissions stage, it’s time to release the results. Please note that to avoid conflicts no local editor was allowed to vote for bands in their own scene.

Total submissions from Los Angeles: 86

Jurors: Paolo De Gregorio (The Deli NYC), Jordannah Elizabeth (The Deli SF), Q.D. Tran (The Deli Portland).

Acts advancing to our Readers/Fans Poll:

1. Smoke Season (Electro-Pop/Synthpop) - 7.83


2. L.A. Drones! (Post Punk/Industrial) - 7.66

2. Soren Bryce (Singer-Songwriter) - 7.66

2. Breatherrr (Avant-Indie/Drone) - 7.66 

5. The Show Ponies (Indie-Folk) - 7.5 


6. DreamVacation (Indie Rock) - 7.33

6. Truce Cannon (Singer-Songwriter) -7.33


8. The Futures League (Garage Rock) - 7.16


Honorable Mentions (ranked above 6.8):

Seagoat, The Kendricks, Elijah Ocean, Evangenitals, Fairground Saints, Autumn in June, Big Language, Harriet Brown, The Sharp Medicine


WHAT’S NEXT: These results end the first phase of the poll. We will soon unveil the artists nominated by our local jurors, and then let our readers and our writers influence the poll with their vote.

Keep creating, keep supporting, and stay tuned for your chance to vote!

The Deli Los Angeles Staff


Help Love Cop replace their stolen property!

Gnar Tapes sweethearts of Portland, Love Cop, have been trudging through the recent blizzard for their Laid 2 Rest in the Midwest tour. Today, while having a look around Sun Studios before their show in Memphis, Tn, some dillweed broke into their van, stealing thousands in band merch and personal effects. Most of us have had things taken, it sucks, and no one likes it. Help these boys out. We're all starving artists, musicians and creatives, so we've got to have each others' backs. Anything helps and click the link to their Go Fund Me page HERE.

-Cervante Pope


Super Thief's "dump sink" EP Makes them the Most Interesting Noisy Band in Austin, and Maybe Anywhere

Fucking yes, this is that shit you wait for all year as an Austin music fan.

Super Thief is back after a spectacular album from last year, bringing us a furious record with the new dump sink EP. Back in March of last year we said that Super Thief’s eponymous last record hit our shit-wrecking nerve nice and good, and dump sink picks up right where that record did, except that it’s even heavier and more outright fucking vicious.

The four track EP is the band turning up everything that was in their last record, and that means it’s some rip-you-apart shit from beginning to end. The high-burning, churning pace starts from the get-go with heavy, fast, straight to 100mph opener “dog fart,” and it doesn’t let up a tiny bit on song two, “euthanasia.”

The tracks on dumps sink all seem to fuck with the idea of what a song should be in 2016 Austin, ditching all the indie prettiness and poppiness and burning a fiery trail off down that more experimental, dangerously hard path that shit like Death Grips, Liars, Flux Information Sciences, Fugazi, Sonic Youth etc. have gone down before them. Super Thief seem like they’re mad about the way people in the supposed underground think songs are supposed to be now, and even the names of the songs feel like damaging jabs at the expected.

Super Thief is obviously hitting a hell of a stride here with these two excellent releases. They’re seriously getting franticness right, using their distorted, whining guitars with Super Thief’s signature crunch sound, their screaming vocals and devastating speed in a tight-as-fuck structure for music that simply doesn’t let up. With the release of dump sink and their album from last year, Super Thief isn’t just a very interesting noisy local hardcore band anymore; they’re maybe the most interesting noisy band I’ve heard period in a long time. Get a listen below.


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