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November 2013
Wooden Shjips
"Back to Land

Hailing from San Francisco, psychedelic group Wooden Shjips, has just released their newest album Back to Land. The album brings together a sound crafted from inspirations that range from psychedelic music to classic rock.

The album is an entire trip in itself.  One can hear hints of 80s music, classic rock, and modern garage rock styles in the record, but they always resolve back to their classic psychedelic sound. With tracks like “In The Roses,” which brings a very spacey, low volume vocals, and a lo-fi sound that is not too cheesy or under produced. to “Ghouls,” which is a much faster, much more psychedelic rock sounding song that takes influences from classic rock guitar chords, while still utilizing classic psychedelic synthesizers.

Most songs on the album carry a jam-band sound, without becoming too abstract or getting too carried away. And in some cases, the music is so vast in genre diversity, one is surprised at the resulting sound, such as in the track, “These Shadows”, which starts off with an extremely catchy intro guitar riff and carries a vague David Bowie meets Velvet Underground sound.

“Back to Land” is a great piece of work that utilizes the potential of each member of Wooden Shjips effectively and thoroughly.

Most importantly, “Back to Land” is an experimentation of how far the psychedelic genre can stretch while still successfully staying true to its roots.

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The Deli Philly's Featured Artist(s) Poll Winner: The Basement Boys

When you read off the list of artist influences for The Basement Boys, it doesn’t seem surprising that we gravitated towards the band, nominating them for our Featured Artist(s) Poll. And though the group’s name may come from something they learned in Spanish class instead of possibly where they might spend most of their evenings, they are sure to fit in just fine in our ever-growing DIY community. After all, you gotta have a soft spot for a group that gets kicked out of Dobbs after a member strips down to his underwear. Keep it weird, Philly! You can check out the rest of our interview with The Basement Boys HERE.


New Track: "Julia Dream" (Pink Floyd Cover) - The Orange Drop

It should come as no surprise that the band whose debut EP Drone Pop, opening with an indicative, spacey track, ”She Will Get You (High),” also nailed a Pink Floyd cover. On a tripped-out “Julia Dream,” a B-side of the legendary group's single "It Would Be So Nice," The Orange Drop is at their best, perfectly capturing the song’s quixotic nature and flaunting their true understanding of 60’s psych-pop. For the mellotron and organ, they brought in their friend Mike Kiker from soul-influenced, acid-rock outfit St. James & The Apostle to do an impressive rendition of Rick Wright’s keys. Check out the track below! Warning: It might leave you feeling like you’re wandering around an enchanted forest...on shrooms.


Madalean Gauze Letting Loose on a New Trail at The Troc Nov. 13

Madalean Gauze occupies the middle slot this evening at The Troc bridging the gap between the aptly named singer-songwriter Dylan Folkes and the soulfully melodic melting pot of music in Ju-Taun. With a fresh EP in the works following last spring’s robust American War, Madalean Gauze’s sound takes it’s initial step in a traditional folk/Americana field, but doesn’t anchor down in that place, using it as a home-base or jumping off point. To a certain extent, she welcomes listeners in with these familiar comforts - sweet yet steering along the well-worn trails. However, locked in, the true power of the instrumentation is let loose allowing a new trail to be etched. The Trocadero (Balcony), 1003 Arch St., 8:30pm, $7, 21+ - Michael Colavita


New Track: "Journey To..." - Ecstatic Vision

Uber-heavy psych rockers Ecstatic Vision are currently working in the studio on their debut album for iconic Philly label Relapse Records. Here's a taste of the onslaught to come entitled "Journey To..." It's off the recently released Relapse Sampler 2014, which you can stream and and purchase ("name your price") in its entirety HERE.


Torito EP Release Show at The Fire Nov. 12

You don’t really know what to expect when you see a man take the stage wearing a leather bull mask with large white horns. In the case of Torito, you find an up-and-coming emcee that has a true gift for wordplay. While other rappers may rely on simple to the point of nauseating, repetitive hooks and wack-ass verses that somehow find their way to the mainstream radio, this rhymeslinger’s mastery of verbiage, hot beats that can direct you to where the party’s at, and razor sharp wit is exactly why you need to get some Torito tracks into your rotation. He’ll be celebrating the release of his new EP Crushing Rhymes Eviscerating All Matadors at The Fire this evening. The album’s opener “Gordon Bombay” is destined to be your new jam when “letting green grass flambé.” And check out one of his earlier tracks called “Simon Cowell”! I wish that it would automatically play whenever I entered and exited a room. “Before I leave to watch the Flyers at a hockey bar, I want to thank you all for coming – like a bukake star.” Classic! And it doesn’t hurt that he is a Philly sports fan. The Fire, 412 W. Girard Ave, 9pm, $5, 21+ - Q.D. Tran




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