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New Track: "Shorty Wanna Chill" (Feat. Peedi Crakk) - Hezekiah

The slow recovery process from a brain aneurysm remains the primary focus for Hezekiah. However, a steady backlog of unreleased material comes in its place, including the new EP GODS, which will be released on January 20. Featuring Peedi Crakk, its lead single, “Shorty Wanna Chill,” smacks with an immediate bass-booming beat, knocking off the remains of recent past. Give it a spin, and wish Hezekiah well on his continued road to recovery.


New Track: "I Got Mine" - Residuels

Residuels frontman Justin Pittney has a cathartic moment with the band's new single, "I Got Mine". It's "a classic revenge tale to kickstart the New Year and celebrate the passing of 2016 with just the right amount of swagger." Recorded in mono and direct to tape, the outlaw ballad is an intimate look into the stripped-down recording sessions for the band's first full-length album, which is due out later this year. Residuels will be taking a break from the studio, and debuting a ton of new tunes tomorrow night at Kung Fu Necktie, where they'll also be supported by The Nude Party and The Robotrippers. (Photo by Liz Bretz)


Debut Ghost Heron LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Deep Six, the new album Ghost Heron, bristles with a bluesy Americana feel. Slipping into that barroom, piano twinkling, harp-blowing zone, or pushing the tempo with harmony-powered, up-tempo folk, the band gathers steam from a myriad of road-tested sonic stylings. However, those time-stamped moments, whether it’s the grit of funky blues-rock or the sway of earnest barrelhouse, hold a fresh breath.


New Track: "Head" - Geisha Facade

Geisha Facade, a.k.a. Jordan and Zoe Dupree, put their many talents and DIY ethos on display in the duo's latest track, "Head". A dark sadness eminates from Zoe's lovely vocal rasp that is reminiscent to a subdued sounding Amy Winehouse, eventually floating off into the ether before the thump and rattle percussions intensify and disintegrate. It's the new single off their forthcoming album, You Went To Space, Good Bye Dear, scheduled for release this month, and they are also currently planning a Midwest tour.

The Deli Philly’s January Record of the Month: a cheap close-up of heaven - So Totally

Philly four-piece So Totally gives listeners the ideal soundtrack for winter sadness with the release of their debut EP. Equal parts moody reverb and poetic gloom, a cheap close-up of heaven is a brutally candid depiction of unfiltered millennial feels.
Opening with the swell of “i can’t wait,” So Totally prove that not all twenty-somethings are afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves. Heightened by lyrical concision and atmospheric riffs, the song is a melodic rumination on uncertainty and intimacy. On “lead & alchemy,” the universal need to be loved takes center stage amidst crashing riffs and lines like “I want to taste the real thing, follow me home” just before the track “rare form” pairs the sincerity of early aughts emo with the unfettered intensity of mid-90s shoegaze.
Infused with well-tempered nostalgia, “rare form” is the perfect summation of both genres’ devotion to doomed love and self-loathing - two themes further explored in “late gloomer”. Brutal like a best friend’s honesty, it is a ready-made wake-up call for anyone prone to self-induced sorrow or prolonged bouts of sulking. Comprised of hissing snare and reminders like “no one cares if it’s raining out, no one cares if you hate yourself,” the song is a bitter pill to swallow, but in a good way, while “easy leave” is a grunge-y hymn about the necessity of escapism, despite its limitations, and the frustration of temporary lows. a cheap close-up of heaven ends with the somber burn of “zoetrope,” a bleak but breathtaking portrait of human closeness eclipsed by apathy, a befitting end to an EP that isn’t afraid to find light at the center of an existential abyss.
The tracks on So Totally’s debut are ready-made mantras for the New Year, a collection of anthems for realists and romantics alike. With a combination of nostalgia and sincerity, a cheap close-up of heaven might not help you live your best life, but it will make you feel less alone, giving even the staunchest pessimist a glimmer of hope. (Photo by Austin Crostarosa) - Dianca London