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The Pleasure Routine Wins The Deli Magazine San Francisco's Artist of the Year Readers Poll (Revival Rock/Pop)

Congratulations to The Pleasure Routine for winning the The Deli Magazine San Francisco Artist of the Year Readers Poll (Rock/Pop)! The Deli SF's readers have casted their votes and The Pleasure Routine has come out on top as their favorite band of the year!

We're happy to extend this honor and I sincerely hope this band continues to make music long into the future.

Associate Editor, The Deli SF
Jordannah Elizabeth


Tino Drima Wins Composite Chart (readers+jurors) Poll - The Deli SF Artist of the Year (Revival Rock/Pop)

Our selected jurors and The Deli Magazine readers have spoken! The San Francisco based band, Tino Drima have officially won The Deli SF Artist of the Year Composite Chart (readers+jurors) Poll for the Revival Rock/Pop Category!

I know that sounds like a mouthful, but it just means it's the chart that considers both the votes of our jury of "local scene experts" (who nominated all the bands in the list) AND our readers!

Congratulations to this talented band of beings. Well done and Godspeed! Enjoy this victory!
Soak it in!

Associate Editor, The Deli SF

Jordannah Elizabeth

The Gentle Cycle Gives Debut Album's Proceeds to Good Causes

Bay area psych rockers The Gentle Cycle have just released their debut LP, and will give send anyone a copy in the US that donates $18 or more to Planned Parenthood, ACLU, Oxfam, PBS, or Dakota Access Pipeline Fund. A donation of $5 will give the donor a download link as well.

‘I have strong socialist beliefs, and in this current climate it feels right to do whatever we can to help get funding to these noble organizations’, says Gentle Cycle’s Derek See.

With a painstaking attention to detail, these songs were filtered through a cool grip of vintage guitars and components, like an antique Echoplex tape delay and a funky old spring reverb unit. They even recorded on a 1970s Tascam 388 analog reel-to-reel, replete with a deadstock spool of old quarter-inch tape. But Derek's melodic musings come from an abstract foundation that's more modern and forward thinking than most musicians beholden to period-correct tones. Listen to The Gentle Cycle and you'll hear a band that somehow balances universal emotions with astral, atmospheric sonic architecture.


Blank Square Release Single, Charmer Gears Up for New Album - Animal I

The San Francisco based punk/no wave band, Blank Square has released a new single, Charmer in anticipation for their upcoming album, Animal I. Their new album will be released on February 24th. Take a listen to Charmer and make sure you pick up a copy of Animal I.

Animal I. Leaning towards the weirder end of Flesheaters but with a sterility that can only be contemporarily compared to Total Control’s Aussie hardcore quarantine no wave and then a pinch of what made DNA and Mars amazing.

 It’s captured with plenty of concrete and sheet metal kept in the mix and a highlight towards dissonant syncopations. Recorded in what my minds eye makes into a empty room minus one chair and definitely down a flight of wet, cement stairs. Saxophone with a mild but nauseating-at-times rippling slap delay, cruising on a rhythm section that sounds like they’ve got another house show to play tonight after this one. Rectangular in all the right places, uncomfortable like sleeping in a car (but hey, you do what you have to do). If you love art in your sax punk, then you will what’s going on in the Bay like we do, but this reaches waaaay back into California’s punk history (SST would’ve undoubtedly dug this).



Bells Atlas Shares New Single - N C A T

The Oakland based band, Bells Atlas has released a new single entitled, N C A T!

With a full length and two EPs released since forming in late 2012, Oakland-based pop-soul band Bells Atlas are gearing up to drop a new standalone single, “NCAT.” The track release comes timed with the Bells Atlas’ upcoming run of dates with the WNYC/NPR program Snap Judgment serving as the house band during live recordings.

Attempting to neatly describe the sounds that Derek Barber (guitar) Geneva Harrison (drums, percussion, keys) Sandra Lawson-Ndu (vocals, percussion, keys) and Doug Stuart (bass, vocals, keys) produce together is no easy task. Kaleidoscopic and richly layered, each new foray by the band expands the wide, colorful sonic palette from which they paint dazzling, vibrant structures from.

"Nothing Comes After This (NCAT) is about the feeling when you know a relationship has run it’s course. All of the little things have added up to something so big that they have eclipsed the light that the relationship once brought. It touches on feeling both empowered and heartbroken, because change is rarely easy."

You can catch Bells Atlas live
2/19 - Rickshaw Stop - San Francisco, CA



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