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Pwndeleon offers up retro video game sounds with added funk

Pwndeleon creates a pleasing mix of retro video game aesthetics and conventional EDM beats on 8mb EP.  Starfox with a little extra funk is the theme of this release, punctuated every so often by staple dubstep aggression.    

Standing out throughout the release is Pwndeleon's dedication to the tracks. Each track is well-crafted with enticing twists and turns.  The tracks can be turned up for party music, or just put on low volume in the background while gaming.  

 -Mike Dranove



Alt Rock

Band name: 
Broke Royals
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Venue name: 
Union Stage
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Cuchulain Kelly touches on the soulful side of the daily grind in latest music video

It's easy to get lost in the day to day hustle, grinding your way through the work day, getting caught up in petty squabbles, forgetting that this city is filled with millions of complex human beings each with their own hopes and aspirations.  It's this more soulful side of working drudgery that Cuchulain Kelly touches on in the music video for the song "Torn In Two".  Using a company meeting about "quarterly revenues" as its backdrop, the video shows us Kelly expressing his inner frustrations to his co-workers, only to be shown the door.  Of course we can all relate to the struggles of the Kelly in the video, doing the daily grind while suppressing the desire to grapple with and openly express our internal conflicts. 

All in all a charming song gleaned from the trials and tribulations of DC's buttoned down culture.  

 -Michael Dranove



#52 of The Deli NYC is online: Guerilla Toss + BK Synth Expo! + Electronic Music Issue

New music seekers,

We have a brand new issue of The Deli NYC available online for you - and it's a gooooood one, can read it here

We are super thrilled to have new DFA Records signee Guerilla Toss on the cover (check out their wonderful single "Skull Pop") streaming below.

This is also our yearly electronic issue, linked to the upcoming Brooklyn Synth Expo, and therefore features:

- An article about the state of the electronic scene in NYC,
- Several Q&As with other electronic NYC artists,
- An ample section dedicated to the gear participating in the Synth Expo.

The paper version will be distributed in NYC around October 20th. 


The Folks at The Deli


10:00 PM
Band name: 
Kate Grom
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Venue name: 
The Vinyl Lounge

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