What's your favorite Emerging Bay Area Artist on this List?
Total: 631 votes
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 ​Crashing Hotels
  1%   11 votes
 ​Drea. M​
  35%   223 votes
 Psychic Mind
  44%   279 votes
  18%   118 votes

This poll will end on December 1, 2016

Please stay positive with the comments, support for other bands is one of the secrets of "success."

Results as of December 10, 2016, 7:07 pm

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Drea. M

posted by: Cristina
( 11/28/2016 11:48 am EST)

drea has always been a very devoted artist all her life .. i love her voice .. her style .. and her music .. she is my favorite artist in the bay .. love you drea ..

Psychic Mind

posted by: Bill
( 11/28/2016 12:22 pm EST)

psychic mind rocks .. can .. t wait for their new music. my votes goes to them and so should yours.

Props for Drea

posted by: JD
( 11/30/2016 12:14 pm EST)

drea .. s music truly moved us at the priceless festival .. and she was a delight to work with as well. since then .. her talents have only grown. watch this rising star ..

Psychic Mind ..

posted by: T
( 11/30/2016 02:15 pm EST)

this band is incredible i can .. t wait for there next show .. vote psychic mind

Psychic Mind

posted by: Greg Z.
( 11/30/2016 05:43 pm EST)

really digging the mellow but energetic vibe.

Drea M.

posted by: J.V. Gutierrez
( 11/30/2016 08:10 pm EST)

great artist .. i love her music.


posted by: Vladimir D.
( 11/30/2016 08:37 pm EST)

drea.m - lovely voice and great lyrics. definitely my favorite emerging bay area artist .. ..

psychic mind for days

posted by: Don
( 12/01/2016 12:05 pm EST)

this band is my jam .. ..

Great sound ..

posted by: Greg
( 12/01/2016 12:29 pm EST)

psychic mind all day .. saw them live a few weeks ago and was blown away .. great band .. they are on their way.


posted by: Sam Hiken
( 12/02/2016 01:37 am EST)

drea m. is my gove for fav. new artist

Drea M.

posted by: Dan Reback
( 12/04/2016 10:08 pm EST)

... gets my vote.

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