Results as of March 28, 2015, 12:00 pm    
Which of these local acts should be our next San Francisco Artist of the Month?
Total: 217 votes
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 Golden Void
  42%   92 votes
 Natural Bridges
  26%   57 votes
 Jimmy Dias
  1%   4 votes
 Justine Lucas
  29%   64 votes

This poll will end on April 1, 2015

Insulting other bands in the poll is very uncool - and will jinx your chances of rock stardom.

P.S. Cheaters are Losers!

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Natural Bridges .. sooooo good ..

posted by: Joe Lewis
(03/17/2015 06:25 pm EST)

nattie bridges are a great band with great songs and sweet baby makin .. grooves

Natural Bridges to everywhere ..

posted by: Kheaton
(03/18/2015 12:35 am EST)

love it y .. all ..

Justine is just fine

posted by: Fan
(03/18/2015 01:24 am EST)

so fine

Natural Bridges

posted by: Jonathan Simo
(03/18/2015 01:55 am EST)

natural bridges all the way ..

Golden Void Roxx

posted by: TB
(03/18/2015 09:19 am EST)


Natural Bridges

posted by: Anne W.
(03/18/2015 09:38 am EST)

great sound ..

live genius

posted by: S2
(03/18/2015 09:55 am EST)

we saw nattybridges play at redwoodstock .. what a groovy sunday it was ..

The naturalest bridge

posted by: Asron
(03/19/2015 10:24 pm EST)

smoothest of the smooth

Natural Bridges

posted by: Nina Eriksen
(03/20/2015 01:01 am EST)

autenticitet music ..

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