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November 2013
Wooden Shjips
"Back to Land

Hailing from San Francisco, psychedelic group Wooden Shjips, has just released their newest album Back to Land. The album brings together a sound crafted from inspirations that range from psychedelic music to classic rock.

The album is an entire trip in itself.  One can hear hints of 80s music, classic rock, and modern garage rock styles in the record, but they always resolve back to their classic psychedelic sound. With tracks like “In The Roses,” which brings a very spacey, low volume vocals, and a lo-fi sound that is not too cheesy or under produced. to “Ghouls,” which is a much faster, much more psychedelic rock sounding song that takes influences from classic rock guitar chords, while still utilizing classic psychedelic synthesizers.

Most songs on the album carry a jam-band sound, without becoming too abstract or getting too carried away. And in some cases, the music is so vast in genre diversity, one is surprised at the resulting sound, such as in the track, “These Shadows”, which starts off with an extremely catchy intro guitar riff and carries a vague David Bowie meets Velvet Underground sound.

“Back to Land” is a great piece of work that utilizes the potential of each member of Wooden Shjips effectively and thoroughly.

Most importantly, “Back to Land” is an experimentation of how far the psychedelic genre can stretch while still successfully staying true to its roots.

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The Amputees release new EP 'Scream'

The Amputees - probably the NYC band more heavily inspired by legendary fuzz pop pioneers Husker Du - are back with a 5 song 7' vinyl titled 'Scream,' to be released on November 23rd.The Brooklyn/Harlem based seven member band tightens and focuses their muscle into five tunes that range in scope from brutal hardcore to pure pop heaven. Their subject matters also vary wildly from the beauty of "Beaner', a theme song dedicated to their bass player to the creepy psychosis of the title track "Scream'to the eating disorders of "88'. Money Fire Records will be releasing this one. Check out single "Beaner" streaming below.


An NYC artists with her own vision: Matteah Baim

Matteah Baim - who played with Mike Wexler at Union Pool last Friday - has the sound of an artist playing instruments with the same freedom she also reserves for her visual art. An ex-member of Metallic Falcons, Matteah molds sonic structures from improvised insanity featuring obscure dreams and welcome meanderings. This project (and especially second record 'Laughing Boy') turns her sound toward a wholly new direction, surrounded by collaborations with some amazing musicians. Spontaneous, collaborative dreamy unlike anything else we've encountered in awhile. Listen to 'Pagoda' below. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets) - Photo by Lauren Dukoff


You Won't Nominated For Boston Music Awards as Folk Artist Of The Year!!!

Recently I had the pleasure of running into Boston band You Won't in NYC. Since getting together in 2011 the indie folk rock duo have toured extensively throughout the United States and Canada, shared the stage with artists including The Joy Formidable, The Antlers, Josh Ritter and The Lumineers and have also been fortunate enough to have been previously reviewed by Deli Mag see here!

The Boston Music Awards recently nominated You Won't in the category of "Folk Artist of the Year", head over to http://www.bostonmusicawards.com/
to help them out. 

Lead singer Josh Arnoudse kindly answered a few quick questions for me:


Describe yourself in 3 words ...

Pale lanky cheesemonger


Which aspect of making music excites you the most right now?

Never-ending quixotic quest for the perfect fake bass sound.


Guilty pleasure?

Fail videos


You can't live without ...

A bandmate who can play 57 varieties of instrument


If you weren't a musician what would you be?

A sad and bitter clown


What do you have coming up music-wise (current or upcoming recordings/tours/extravaganzas/experiments/collaborations/top secret projects etc) ?

 We are currently recording a new album to be accompanied by an experimental touring extravaganza of epic proportions entailing numerous top secret collaborations.


See them play live December 5th at Sinclair - Brescia Mascheretti


New Track: "2" - Congenital Death

Local hardcore outfit Congenital Death posted a couple of blistering, rage-filled tracks for Halloween. Below is the aptly and simply named "2," off their two-song release, +2. You can catch the four-piece performing live tomorrow night at Golden Tea House with Backslider, Spine and Weekend Nachos.


Peeple Watchin' Have "Somethin' Ta Tell Ya"

Boston-based Peeple Watchin' know how to make damn good punk songs. Their latest effort, Something Ta Tell Ya, is simple, fast and to the point. Tracks like "VHS"  showcase their punk roots (Lawrence Arms comes to mind), while the opening riff on the first track, "'95", has a great bluesy/punk hybrid sound.

The guitar work on this record is impressive. A lot of times I hear punk albums consisting of a few fast power chords, nothing that really showcases the abilities of the guitarist. Peeple Watchin' are quite different--quick flourishes and impressive licks are scattered throughout the record, informing the listener that there is no shortage of talent in this band.

Peeple Watchin' will be playing Great Scott in Allston on November 24th. Check the Great Scott site for more details.

-Dan McMahon (@dmcmhn)



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