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New York singer/songwriter Lucia Roberts plays at The Living Room on Wednesday (9.2)

Earlier this month, New York-based singer/songwriter Lucia Roberts released her latest album, ‘I’m Just Dreaming.’ Featuring such guitar-shadowed tracks as “So Kiss Me” and “Thorns And Roses” (streaming below), the release unveils not only the musician’s celestial voice but also a kind of “night-folk” full of mythic imagery and forlorn feeling that is akin to John Steinbeck’s East of Eden. There is, in fact, something novelistic about these songs but Roberts’ voice is so ravishing that one could just listen to them and nestle into their quiet beauty. Lucia Roberts plays at The Living Room on Wednesday (9.2). – Zach Weg


Krust Toons: "Rip the Neck Off It" by Teddy Hazard

Krust Toons: "Rip the Neck Off It" by Teddy Hazard - please feel free to drop him a line at teddandthehazards@gmail.com if you dig or have any funny ideas. You can also check out more of his illustrations and animation shorts HERE.


Yassou Releases First of Music Video Series - Fall Again

The San Francisco based avant electro band, Yassou has released a disturbingly creative music video for their single, Fall Again. Yassou has a plan to release a series of five music videos that have been strategically scheduled to be released throughout the upcoming Fall season:

Fall Again (Thursday, August 27)
To Win / YoungBlood (Thursday, September 10)
To Sink (Thursday, September 24)
The Woods (Thursday, October 15)
In These Summer Nights (Thursday, November 5)

It's been argued that we see music more than we hear music; a phenomenon that began with "Girls On Film" and grows with every viral, visual interpretation that corresponds to an artist's output. Fully submersing themselves in this ideology, Yassou have taken the opportunity to do what bands and solo artists should have started doing years ago since we moved into a singles culture, and that's push the video first, and let the music ride its tail. Their release schedule is this: release five videos for five songs. No physical or digital release. That's it. That's what the people want. No "album cycle" and no "pre-releases". It's a consumer-friendly schedule, but even better, the videos are magnificently produced.

Watch Fall Again below:


Royal Outsiders

Royal Outsiders (formerly The Central Standard) released the details of their debut album, Neither Here Nor There, late last week. The album will be released on October 5th and the band will be headlining Cubby Bear Wrigleyville that night to celebrate. The band also released the album's first single "Against Your Soul".


Jeff Campbell Prepares to Release New Album - The Kitchen Sink

One of the great things about the San Francisco Bay Area is that there is a diverse array of music genres to choose from. Jeff Campbell is a San Francisco based pop country rock artist who will be releasing his new album, The Kitchen Sink on October 2nd. He strays light years away from the dominate youthful garage rock style of music that you typically find in Oakland and SF and chooses to make pop country rock and roll that is fresh and all his own.

Check out his new single, Fill The Spaces and keep an eye out for his upcoming full length record!

"The song was inspired by the birth of his niece and the thought of her never experiencing an iPhone, Facebook or social media free world where people are tied to and tuned into gadgets instead of each other. The song is a message to live in the moment and fill the spaces with what’s around you instead of worrying about what’s to come and how you’re going to document it." - Jeff Campbell on his song, Fill The Spaces


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