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Grey Lakes Needs Your Help to Make a Record

Austinites, assemble! A cute indie band needs your help gettin' you more of that sweet, jangly music you crave. Local act Grey Lakes has finished the big majority of a record they're hoping to release this year, but they need a little help along the way to finish up those persnickety and expensive things that come with record-creating like mastering. They're running an indiegogo page right now to raise the funds (as of this writing it looks like they need about $4k in 9 days), and they've released a couple of singles to show you lovely potential listeners what they can do for ya.

The two tracks released so far, "Sea Foam Green" and "Our Blood" are nice little pretty-ass indiepop gems that deal with classic pop concepts, but bring them out in ways that feel refined as opposed to tired. There's much twangly, floating guitar here and breathy vocals that feel like they hearken back to when indie was more rock-pop and didn't have as much of the folky influence goin' on yet. "Sea Foam Green" is especially heavy on the indie-pop side, and the band does very well with the components of this genre to layer them just so in the track so that it culminates in a droney, well-balanced and pleasing way with all layers present.

Puttin' out a record is a tough thing, and really most musicians outside of the biggest acts put a ton more into these financially and in terms of hours worked than they actually get back out of it, and you can help make it happen and also get yourself a nice bit of music to listen to by headin' over to the page and droppin' a dollar or two of beer money. Check out the tracks below, and help these guys out if you feel so inclined. The scene needs you to live, remember that kiddos.


Brooklyn shoegazers Weed Hounds play CMJ at Acheron on 10.14

A shoegaze band can adopt usually one of two schools of sound; either the overbearingly fuzzed out and effectually mind blowing guitars that convey soothing melodies over punkish rhythms, or the slowed down and aerial space tones and powerful astronomical vocals of Cocteau Twins. But a band like Brooklyn-via-Long-Island’s Weed Hounds is able to pull off both sounds rather well. Their first proper self titled full-length dropped last year (following a couple of singles, a split 7” with Dude Japan, and an impressive demo cassette), and it’s a well versed, well thought-out act of harshly heavy tones juxtaposed against breathtaking reliefs, all arranged in pleasing succession, so as never to let one end of the spectrum take over entirely. A line is drawn between weighty fuzz choruses and extremely airy verses, interwoven with Laura Catalano’s celestial vocals, which penetrate in heightened beauty, sometimes echoing the radiating reverbed guitar highs, and sometimes gorgeously contrasting the pummeling force of swirling delayed fuzz. The band will be performing at the upcoming CMJ Music Marathon on October 14 at the Acheron–JP Basileo


Al Scorch

The local label Bloodshot Records announced yesterday that they had signed local singer/songwriter Al Scorch. They also announced that Scorch will be releasing his second full-length studio album and label debut this Spring. Below is Al's appearance on Audiotree from 2013.

You can catch Al Scorch at The Hideout on October 9th, SPACE in Evanston on October 21st, and at Lincoln Hall on Nov. 27th.


Reality Something Releases Debut EP

 What's that? You love flannel, Doc Martens and cut-and-paste zines? And your heart has been yearning for a local female-fronted acid soft grunge band? Dude, us too, and we've found everything we wanted and more in pastel punk rockers Reality Something.

Keeping it raw, the Nashville three-piece puts their own spin on 90s rock with head-noddable rhythms, growling guitar and tender vocals.  And with a debut EP this strong, we can only imagine what's next.

Check out the EP below, and catch Reality Something live 12.1 at ACME for No Country for New Nashville's showcase.



New Track: "Titchy" - Spacin'

In true Spacin' fashion, we have a new track and news from our favorite Philly psych-garage outfit, but the band didn't bother to tell anybody so I guess we'll have to do it. Check out their latest single "Titchy"! It's grimy, catchy with classic melodies and hooks that burrow into your eardrums. There are few (if any) records that we are more excited about hearing, and the follow-up to must-have-for-your-collection Deep Thuds finally has a title, Total Freedom, and a release date, which will be November 15 via (what we've been told to be) local indie label Richie Records. Enjoy!


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